Author Alastair Miller

Instagram launches new Nametag feature

It’s been in the works for some time now, but we’re happy to announce that the Instagram Nametag feature is currently being rolled out globally. That’s right, everyone can now use this handy feature. Instagram initially announced the nametag feature back in April and it was heavily compared to Snapchat’s popular QR Snapcode. While Snapcodes [...] Read More

Basic steps to protect your Facebook Account after recent hack.

You may have noticed Facebook in the news for the wrong reasons yet again, as they announced to the World that hackers had obtained access to 50 million users accounts. Not only did they gain access, but they could use them as if they were their own. What does this mean for you? Was your [...] Read More

How-Tu Tuesday: Create a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube Channel for your business is easier than you might think. This how to guide will cover everything you need to know about creating a YouTube channel, so you can start uploading your own videos and growing your audience today! YouTube has a range of uses and benefits for business that can complement [...] Read More

How-Tu Tuesday: How to view your competitors Facebook Adverts

It’s incredibly important in business to keep your eye on what marketing campaigns competitors are running, both from a strategic and tactical level. When it comes to Facebook there never used to be an “easy” way to keep tabs on this other than manually note or checking out the “Why Am I Seeing This” feature [...] Read More

Free Stock Photos to improve your Marketing Campaigns

Photos have always been an important part of marketing, especially across social media. Unfortunately, we’ve grown accustomed to free stock photos being cheesy images of people in terrible suits, shaking hands on front of a fax machine. Yes, a fax machine. These stock photos look generic and at times outdated, but to get better usually [...] Read More

Digital Development Loan now launched for Scottish Businesses!

Does your business need financial investment to improve its digital capability? The Scottish Government has now launched their Digital Development Loan scheme, which is aimed at helping small to medium enterprises develop the digital side of their business. This loan can be used to improve or strengthen business in areas such as developing the digital [...] Read More