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Tuminds Digital Survey 2017

We need your help! The last 10 years we have seen dramatic Digital change. To get a better understanding of the impact broadband connectivity and the rise of social media has had on businesses in the Highlands and Islands, we've developed a short survey, which should take only 3 minutes to complete. By taking part [...] Read More

Has Tuminds Turned Into a Bunch of Slack-ers?!?

Here at Tuminds, we’ve recently adopted Slack as our in-house communication tool of choice. We’ve used it to reduce the volume of our internal emails, make sharing and finding information and files easier, and to improve communication between team members, no matter where they are. Slack is a cloud-based team messaging and collaboration app which [...] Read More

Facebook cover photo size changes. Again.

UPDATE: Facebook has again changed the business page layout. We saw a preview of this last month when we delivered a training session to Moray Chamber of Commerce, and now Facebook has started to roll this out gradually to all business pages including our own! The profile picture has moved to the top left and no […]

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Instagram Best Practices to Build Your Audience

Are you using Instagram to promote your products and services? If so, it’s a good idea to make sure you are following best practice and using it properly to maximise its potential as a marketing tool. You want your business to stay relevant don’t you, and that means understanding the importance of social engagement. Keeping […]

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New Challenge on the Horizon for Tumind’s Strategist

It seems odd that on the same day that the UK votes to leave the EU I am moving on from Tuminds. After a fantastic few months working for Tuminds, raising social media knowledge across the Highlands and Islands, and meeting so many fantastic, interesting and inspiring people, the time has come for a change. […]

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#hellodigital: Making Movies with Mobile

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the merits of using video for your social media marketing. Video consumption via social media and other online platforms has exploded over the last few years, and industry experts are predicting that as our connectivity improves we will spend more time watching movies and video online than […]

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