Social Media Support

Our social media management service is ideal for businesses and organisations who want to keep on top of their social engagement, but lack the time or resources to do so. We can work with you on either a short or long-term basis, identifying the desired tone of voice, and helping create tailored content.

We also understand that sometimes a friendly chat over the phone is enough to solve a problem! Or, if the person dealing with your social media is off sick, goes on holiday, or is particularly busy, we can help fill their shoes and keep your social media reputation intact, queries answered, and engagement flowing with high-quality, relevant content.

Ever thought about how to tie social media into an event? Tuminds can help you leverage social media before, during, and after an event, and integrate this campaign with your other marketing activity. Integrating social media with event registration, promotion, post-event analytics, and collecting a Twitter database of attendees, are all possibilities.

And Tuminds is that listening ear for the occasions or emergencies on social media where you need a second opinion about how to handle a situation. Whether you utilise our helpline, or as part of an arranged monthly contract, we can help you take control of your social media journey.

Stuck in a rut for what to post? Let Tuminds give you a few ideas, develop a content calendar, and help understand where the best content for your particular sector or industry can be located, as well as the tools to help you find more.

One of our associates who specialises in social media advertising and identifying high-quality and relevant social media content to engage your audiences is also available. They can provide you with regular performance reports, plus support with your social media strategy.



Understanding your needs

″Rene has excellent interaction skills with his audience and can easily adjust his responses appropriately to match the understanding and skill levels of his questioners. He is very much a 'people person' and gets to fully understand the needs of your business/organisation before delivering any training, instruction or advice.″ - James Martin, Inverness Leisure