Customised Training for Larger Clients

Larger busineses and organisations may need several employees trained in social media. A dedicated or customised course aimed specifically at this and with your industry or sector in mind can therefore be designed and delivered. Larger clients may also be more comfortable with a dedicated training solution rather than participating in a group made up of different individuals.

There are also many larger organisations and businesses out there that need to equip their workforce with social media skills and awareness. We can customise courses with retailers, car dealers and housing associations as well as council employees and other public sector workers in mind.

Focused Social Media

Developing workforce skills helps companies, organisations and the public sector to focus their social media activity. This approach allows social media to become an integrated tool for increased individual and team effectiveness, intelligence gathering, professionalism and security.

Phone now for more details of dedicated and customised social media training for larger businesses and organisatons on 01463 513965.

Understanding your needs

″Rene has excellent interaction skills with his audience and can easily adjust his responses appropriately to match the understanding and skill levels of his questioners. He is very much a 'people person' and gets to fully understand the needs of your business/organisation before delivering any training, instruction or advice.″ - James Martin, Inverness Leisure