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Caledonian Sleeper

The brief

The marketing team of The Caledonian Sleeper asked us to assist with devising an effective Social Media Strategy for the organisation. The Caledonian Sleeper runs between Scotland and London, and we enjoyed many trips on the Sleeper ourselves when we had to travel down to London. So we were delighted to assist the team with their social media and communication strategy.

First, we delivered a Social Media Awareness and Policy presentation to the Board at their Inverness office. Quick and effective communication for a transport business is extremely important as more and more people will turn to social media to ask about their delayed flight or train. A quick response from the customer support team can often avoid dissatisfied and sometimes even angry travellers. Most travellers complain about a lack of communication from travel companies. There is a real opportunity for travel companies not just to reassure travellers but even wow them with an effective digital communication strategy.

We discussed an appropriate “tone of voice” for the organisation and the brand framework to ensure the whole team understands the best way to respond to positive and negative comments from travellers. Part of the training for the front of house and customer service team consisted of the following:

  • Why does digital communication matter?
  • What is the organisation’s tone of voice?
  • Reactive vs Proactive messages
  • Responding to travellers’ comments
  • Effective content to share

Caledonian Sleeper seating
Caledonian Sleeper Train

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