Our Social Media Training Ethos

At Tuminds, we take a flexible approach to training to fit in with how you do business. Our training ethos means that if it’s more convenient for us to travel to your premises then it’s not a problem. However, if you’d rather come to us or even meet us in a café, then that’s fine too – but they’ll need a good WiFi connection!

Similarly, the learning environment is absolutely critical. This means, for example, if you have little or no experience of social media and are concerned about how this may look, we’ll find other people to take part who are in exactly the same position as you. We like to make sure that no one feels uncomfortable.

Alternatively, if you are seeking to take your social media skills to the next level, we will aim to include other like-minded individuals with the same level of experience. Where that might not be possible, we’ll try to accommodate you on a one-to-one basis.

Wherever you are in your social media journey, Tuminds can offer a solution that is right for you, at a price that is right.

Phone now for more details of how we can accommodate your social media training requirements on 01463 513965.

Understanding your needs

″Rene has excellent interaction skills with his audience and can easily adjust his responses appropriately to match the understanding and skill levels of his questioners. He is very much a 'people person' and gets to fully understand the needs of your business/organisation before delivering any training, instruction or advice.″ - James Martin, Inverness Leisure