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Social media audit

An in-depth review of all your social media channels to help you to achieve your goals and build a stronger connection with your audience.

Social media platforms and their audiences continuously change and what worked last year might no longer be effective, or your target audience may have moved to the next social media platform.

A social media audit provides valuable insights into how your social media channels are performing and where you can make improvements. Our audit will identify your strengths and weaknesses on current platforms as well as platforms where you are not engaging with potential audiences. The audit will also examine your brand messaging across social media channels and whether the content you’re sharing on social media is engaging, relevant, and resonates with your target audience. 

The social media audit includes:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your social media presence, including branding
  • Analysis of your social media content and suggestions on how to increase reach and engagement
  • Guidance on platforms that have been overlooked
  • Advice on paid advertising
  • Recommendations on platforms to consider and best practice tips for these platforms
  • Strategies to manage your reputation
  • A summary of tailored recommendations for optimised social media activity

We will deliver the social media audit to you in a 2-hour session. This session can be delivered to you in a number of ways, depending on your preferences. Whether it’s through Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or your place of work, we’ll make sure that the meeting experience is tailored just for you!

This bespoke service is aimed at:

  • Business owners that manage their own social media
  • Business owners that outsource their social media management to agencies and value an outsider’s point of view
  • Marketing managers who know how to maintain an active social media presence will be able to take advantage of more opportunities
  • Organisations that would like a review of their current social media presence

Event details

Price: £795.00$750.00€895.00AU$1,250.00NZ$1,295.00

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