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Social media presentation for BDL hotel group

Picture for Rene Looper Rene Looper

August 25th 2012

Tuminds Social Media was invited to present a social media session for the BDL hotel group at the Crowne Plaza Marlow at the last general managers conference.

The theme of the conference was improving customer service which fitted in really well with my social media presentation.

We’re big believers and supporters of the power of social media to improve customer service for the hotel and hospitality industry and have seen some great examples of hotels using it well and to their advantage.

However, there are also many hotels on social media channels who are not using it to their advantage and instead of responding to customer questions and interactions, are just using it to spread their own (marketing) messages. Remember it’s called social media and will only work if there is  two way communication. And what a great opportunity for hotels to connect with existing and potential customers via Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

The photo was taken during the morning session where the division directors presented an entertaining and brilliant video which lead into the Olympic rings. 5 Directors, 5 rings, 5 messages. It’s still in my head! ;)

Several people requested links to the examples I’ve used during my presentation.

See the links below, email me if you like to receive a copy of the slides

Social media fad video

Tips on how to get started with social media

Pillow Castle story Huffington Post

Pillow Castle story customer blog

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