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Google+ Custom URL

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November 2nd 2013

You can now finally create your own personalised url on Google+

Login to your Google+ account and click on the link “Get URL” on the top bar. (See screenshot)

Custum url Google+

You can do this for both business page and personal account. The only criteria is you have to have at least 10 followers, a profile pic and an account that is at least 30 days old.

The previous link to our Google plus page was:

We now however have secured and my personal Google+ page which is a lot easier to put on business cards, brochures etc.

Remember, this was already available for a long time for your Facebook page, if you haven’t done this, go to and select your business page to change your long Facebook URL to a short URL like

Any questions, just tweet me at or leave a question on our Google+ page:

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