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Seeing a dramatic drop in people seeing your Facebook posts?

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December 22nd 2013

What’s going on with Facebook?

Seeing a dramatic decline in people seeing your posts? You’re not the only one….

Facebook has recently changed their so called “Edgerank” and your business page posts might no longer appear on the newsfeed of your likers. Why?

A few reasons: Facebook wants to show ‘quality content’ on people’s newsfeed with the more news worthy stories instead of the “meme” type messages.

Postings with images, which traditionally reached a lot more people, are now almost hidden from people’s newsfeed.

It’s also said that Facebook is now giving a bigger emphasis to businesses that advertise and/or boost their posts in favour of the organic, free type of posts. Facebook says: we like to show people relevant and quality content, but what is quality content?

This Friday, marketing coach Paul Harvey and myself are discussing this topic during a live webinar broadcasted at 4pm on Friday the 27th of December and we will be sharing some tips on how to improve your visibility using Facebook and email marketing tips.

This FREE teleseminar is at 4pm on Friday 27th December. That gap between Christmas and New Year is a good thinking and planning time, so this information will hopefully be useful and timely.

During this webinar you will discover:

  • The changes to Facebook edge rank and post reach
  • The integration of digital marketing plans & how to create them
  • New tricks in Facebook advertising and promoted posts.
  • Content creation, what is good content.
  • Email, the secret sauce of the internet.

Make sure you register first!

Oh, and of course a very Merry Christmas!!!

The Tuminds Social Media Team
Sheila, Pamela, Saidat and Rene


Recording now available online!

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