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Stuck for content? Have Hootsuite help!

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August 18th 2014

Generating exciting and engaging content day after day, week after week, can be difficult. News aggregator apps such as Zite already help by providing ready-to-share articles relevant to your target audience, or topics which might be worth covering yourself. However it still takes considerable time and effort to find exactly what you are looking for.


In an attempt to help, social media management system Hootsuite has added extra functionality to its already impressive product. Currently available to Hootsuite’s Pro and Enterprise accounts, this nifty tool suggests content and scheduling times based on the information sourced from your linked Twitter account. You can tailor tweets and switch scheduling times, but the more you use it the smarter it gets – providing content and post times based on those you use most.


User-friendly and a valuable time saver, this fancy function could prove revolutionary to your social media management. However it is important to check out the content you are posting before you post it – is it of appropriate nature and high enough quality for your followers? Also remember that auto-content should only make up part of your overall social media strategy. Original content tailored to your target audience, primed to provoke online discussion and active engagement, is what really adds value to your online community.


Please see the below screenshot for an example of Hootsuite’s ‘suggested posts.’ It displays the Tuminds Hootsuite account, and a list of content related to our previous posts, to share via our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn etc.) at certain times during the course of the day. We think it is a very useful function indeed!

Hootsuite Suggested Posts Tuminds Social Media

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