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Tuminds Social Media investing in a brand new awesome website!

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August 4th 2014

When Hanan and Rachael joined our Tuminds Social Media team a few months ago they both suggested that we could do with a new web site. Well, we have listened and taken on their advice!

After weeks of team meetings, dozens of cakes and even more cups of coffee, the team has created a design brief, site map and have started to invite local web designers to discuss proposals for the new website.

We are really keen to keep everyone in the loop with our exciting experiences, so we will be using the #TumindsNewWebsite hashtag on Facebook and Twitter to share our journey over the next few months. We really hope that by documenting our development we will be able to help other businesses looking to invest in a new web site.

The web designers we are talking to at the moment are:

If there are other web designers out there that would be interested in designing a brand new web site for Tuminds Social Media, please get in touch!

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