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(1) Marketing businesses for modern audiences

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September 25th 2014

By experiential marketer Robin Dunlop

A multitude of marketing messages are sent our way each and every day. It would be practically impossible to absorb all of the content that we encounter. Therefore individuals have learnt to filter, consciously or subconsciously, what they see and hear.

In order for organisations to successfully cut through the communications clutter, and reach their audience, they are adopting increasingly innovative and sophisticated marketing techniques. Traditional top-down, mass market, communications are no longer effective enough.

What really enchants, engages and invigorates an audience are the creative communications methods we are witnessing today. Experiential marketing, viral campaigns, blogging and vlogging, are all exciting techniques (facilitated by social media) which can garner specific calls to action.

During today’s blog takeover we will explore the latest ways of marketing your business, the benefits associated with each technique, and to how to implement them in practice.

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