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(3) All you ever wanted to know about… blogging and vlogging

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September 25th 2014

With fashion, beauty and careers blogger Lara Gilchrist

Lara Gilchrist works as a PR Executive and holds a first class honours in BA Business and Management with Marketing. Lara started her blog, GladRags and NameTags, in 2012 and launched her own Youtube channel last year.



What attracted you to blogging and vlogging?

I initially started my blog to document my professional journey, as a young woman from the Highlands pursuing a career in the world of fashion PR. As my blog developed I began to incorporate elements of my passions for fashion and beauty. It now serves as a demonstration of my industry knowledge and writing skills.


What is blogging and vlogging?

Blogging is a platform that gives you an independent voice. It is an accessible way of sharing your thoughts and opinions on a specific topic. Vlogging is essentially blogging using video, and can often be more engaging and stimulating than traditional written blogs. Many people will watch a film but never read the book, and vice versa – the same is true of blogging and vlogging.


How can blogging and vlogging be used by businesses?

Blogs and vlogs are increasingly popular professional communication tools. They provide an effective way of reaching and impressing your audience – helping you to stand out from the crowd. They offer excellent enhancements for business brands and complement each other well. However they can be used separately to achieve different aims. For instance vlogs uploaded to Youtube can help to drive website traffic when embedded in your blog. In addition blogs can showcase your skills and knowledge, improve your SEO, give your brand a persona and thus make it easier to engage with.


What are your top tips for bloggers and vloggers?



Know what you are going to say, how you are going to say it and do so confidently and concisely!


Include ‘calls to action’ in your posts

Follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube channel, like us on Facebook.


Interlock your social media

Ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms.


Stay current

Keep up to date on the latest trends in technology and social media, and don’t become complacent – always strive to do better.


Present a balanced view

Depending on the nature of your blog and your intended readership, you may choose to be controversial, but be careful if you do!


For more information on blogging and vlogging, and how it can support your brand, please contact Tuminds on 01463 513 965 or [email protected].



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