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(4) Where to begin when… blogging and vlogging

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September 25th 2014

By fashion, beauty and careers blogger and vlogger Lara Gilchrist.


Before starting a blog or a vlog, there are a few crucial areas to consider:




First of all it is imperative that you are clear on the purpose of your blog and/or vlog. Are you seeking to provide product or service information to your customers? Will you be producing video demonstrations? Or perhaps writing on topical issues in your industry?



Establish if you will need to add a new page to your existing website or set up an entirely new platform. If it is the latter, research the available platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress. What functionality will your platform require? Will you need to create a Google+ account to use Youtube?



Who is your audience and what do you want to communicate to them? Will your content comprise interviews, Q&As, product and service information or something different? What images will you use? Will you take your own or use stock? Who or what is going to feature in your videos?



What will your writing and/or video style be? Formal or informal? Chatty or serious? What are the people who feature in your videos going to say? Can they say it concisely? It is important to try and find your niche and unique voice.



To produce professional content, it is vital that you have the right equipment. Though blogging does not require much additional equipment, vlogging does require a good quality camera, microphone, lighting, tripod and editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Windows Movie Maker.



If you are going to start a blog and/or vlog you have to do it well. It is important to appreciate just how much time is involved in preparing, filming, editing and uploading a good quality, professional video. Sourcing quality content and writing it up is also a time consuming process. Other things often take priority, but you have to be committed to it to make it work.


Social media

To maximise the value of your content you must share it via all popular social media platforms. Which platforms do your target audience use most? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine? Are you confident in your use of these platforms? If not, how can you become confident?


For more information on blogging and vlogging, and how it can support your brand, please contact Tuminds on 01463 513 965 or [email protected].



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