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Tuminds Tips for Exhibition Success

Picture for Rene Looper Rene Looper

October 8th 2014

We shared our cheesy Tuminds grins at the #highlandbizwk spotlight event on Tuesday 23 September. Armed with an Instagram frame, #saycheese hashtag and ample array of Dutch cheese from The Cromarty Cheese House, we successfully engaged and excited fellow event-goers. Though some of our Insta-booth models needed a little persuasion, most were delighted to participate – pulling funny faces and making the experience their own. It can be tricky to come up with fresh ideas for exhibition stalls, so we wanted to share what we learnt from the day.

Ensure that you have a strong message

Spend time thinking about what you are seeking to gain from your time exhibiting – do you want to network, gain more leads, raise brand awareness? By choosing a specific goal, preparing for it in advance and working towards it – you will make the most of your time exhibiting and gain tangible results. If you are using hashtags, try and limit it to one or two, otherwise your promotional message may become diluted.

Make your stall as engaging as possible

There was a time that paper flyers alone might have cut it, but organisations have since upped their game. In recent times we have seen putting greens and dummy defibrillators take centre stage. Think about what might excite your target audience and take it from there. Our Insta-booth proved successful, prompting photo requests from snap happy folk and enticing them to our stall – what could you come up with?

Capitalise on your engagement online

If you want more people to engage with you online, you have to give them calls to action. Whether you have ‘like us on Facebook’ written on your business cards or a mobile device that allows visitors to sign up to your e-newsletter, such measures can help enhance your social media effectiveness. We had a TV screen displaying our #saycheese #highlandbizwk hashtag stream so that visitors could instantaneously see their Insta-booth photos. Such streams can effectively encourage the use of your hashtags.

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