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How-Tu Tuesdays: Pin your Business on Pinterest

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November 11th 2014


You may already know about Pinterest, and use it yourself, but do you realise the power it holds for businesses? Pinterest is the platform that helps people to discover the things that they want to plan, buy and do. Being a part of it increases your brand’s exposure on a global platform in a relatively inexpensive, fun and engaging way. What’s not to love?!



  • ​Identify and engage with your target audience.
  • Sell your product, service or cause using visual content.
  • Create and nurture an online community.
  • Have lots of fun – especially if you love scrapbooks and mood-boards like us!



1. Pin, Pin and Pin some more

A Pin is content (an image or video) that people add to Pinterest. People can add Pins directly from websites or apps using the Pin It button. Any Pin can be repinned and all Pins link back to their sources, which is how you can get referral traffic. As you start to add more Pins, you’ll learn quickly what works and what doesn’t for your business. As a rule of thumb, try to make sure all of your Pins are beautiful, actionable and interesting.

2. Create many niche Boards rather than a few broad onesTuminds Pinterest Board 1

People organise Pins into collections of specific interests called boards and share their boards with others. Create a range of boards that showcase your brand’s personality and taste, and make sure each board has enough Pins to make it substantial. Remember that people can choose which boards they want to follow, so not every board has to appeal to everyone. Secret boards can be used to ensure that new boards are ready for public launch or as a tool for team collaboration.

3. Add accurate names and detailed descriptions 

Every Pin should have a description that gives context. Thoughtful descriptions will make your Pins more inspiring and searchable. The best descriptions are positive and help people to imagine what they might do with the Pin, whilst also providing extra information. Write thoughtful, timeless copy. Pins last forever, so avoid descriptions that focus on timely promotional information.

Think about what people who are looking at a certain Pin might have searched for. Was it a handbag, or a handcrafted leather handbag? A t-shirt, or an organic cotton t-shirt? Mention the most compelling and distinct parts of the Pin in your description, and your Pins will be more likely to surface when people get specific in searches.

The same rule applies to boards – give your boards clear names so people can tell what’s on them, but don’t be afraid to get creative, just keep it to 20 characters or less so it doesn’t get cut off. And don’t forget the description, which can inspire people to follow your boards and help you show up in searches.

What makes a good Pin description? Check out these tips:

Recipes: Describe the main ingredients of the dish and how to cook it.
Fashion: Include what kind of clothing, the designer or season to wear it.
Travel: Tell people the location and the kinds of things you can do there.
DIY: Describe what it is, how you make it and what materials people need.
Photography: Name the photographer, year, subject or publication.
Design: Mention the designer, medium, publication, etc.

4. Link pins to website or online shop

Make sure your Pins link back to somewhere helpful, so that Pinners can have a better experience and you can get more referral traffic to the right places. Make it easy for people to Pin your stuff by adding the Follow button to your website. Include a Pinterest link in emails and your social media posts to make sure people know you’re here, too. You should also link out your Pins to places that help people. For example, a movie Pin should lead to the trailer or a review, and a product Pin should lead to where a Pinner can make the purchase.

5. Increase visibility: Follow, comment and repin on other Boards and Pins

A great way to get people to repin your stuff is to be an active Pinner yourself. Follow other people’s boards and repin, like and comment on Pins that inspire and relate to your business. To increase your visibility it is important to engage with other Pinners – don’t just Pin your own stuff. You can tell a richer story by adding Pins from others. You could partner with bloggers and lifestyle websites to Pin their content. Your followers will appreciate the Pins, and bloggers will appreciate the referral traffic.


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3 comments on “How-Tu Tuesdays: Pin your Business on Pinterest

  1. Hey Rachael,
    thanks for sharing my link. Big fan of Pinterest too! And your tips are spot on :>

    1. Hey Ashley

      That’s a pleasure, your website is a fantastic resource!

      Pinterest is such a great tool, hopefully we can inspire even more people to make use of it!

      Best wishes



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