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The Tuminds Team Is Growing

Picture for Rene Looper Rene Looper

March 10th 2015

Tuminds is at an exciting stage in its growth and I consider myself very lucky to be part of it. Last week I joined the company and I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome by both the Tuminds team and everyone who works directly above at Dynam – oh and I received the most beautiful bunch of flowers – but all I thought was: “I haven’t done anything to deserve this yet!”

A new environment, new work colleagues and a new role can make starting a new job seem like quite a daunting prospect. However, the warm welcome I received allowed me to instantly feel at ease in the office and provided me with the best start to the job.

My background is predominantly PR and marketing, and I also have my own fashion blog called GladRags and NameTags (www.gladragsandnametags.co.uk), but I felt like a change was needed and I wanted to expand on my knowledge of social media and everything digital: Tuminds seemed like the perfect fit.

The team is fresh, dynamic and innovative and the company is currently going through some big growth changes. New branding, new services, a new website and a new location all make for an exciting future and I am really looking forward to working with both current and new clients in helping them to understand the fast paced world of social media and providing the support that will help their businesses excel at it. I believe there are so many rewards and benefits to be reaped from an integrated and cohesive social media strategy and showing organisations how this can be achieved is a compelling prospect for me.

Although I am personally an avid user of many of the social media platforms (predominantly Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) I can’t wait to be propelled into the corporate world of tweeting, liking, sharing, posting and pinning. More over, I am intrigued to learn about the finer details of social media; the tips that so many users don’t know about, but can make such a difference in terms of engagement and results. Whilst many companies have some kind of presence on social media, it is possessing the expert knowledge and more advanced skills that will make businesses stand out against competitors.

Navigating around social media may leave many organisations feeling lost or out of their depth but being at the company for just a week I have already seen how Tuminds simplify clients’ problems: they offer services which cater to different knowledge levels and skill sets and provide in-house expert support which is delivered by a hard working and dedicated team and this should put any business at ease when trying to grow their social media presence.

My first week at Tuminds may be over but already I feel part of their digital world and can’t wait to learn and discover everything there is to know about social networking!

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