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Tuminds Newsflash – May

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May 29th 2015

A round up of the latest social media and digital news:

  1. Money transactions through Facebook messenger
    Facebook has rolled out a new payment feature in the U.S. allowing users to instantly transfer or receive money to one another on the Facebook Messenger app. This feature should be coming to the UK soon, but if you’re keen to pay a friend using social media, you can use Barclay’s app to pay someone using their Twitter handle.
  1. You can live stream now on Meerkat without Twitter
    Meerkat’s Twitter limitation is now in the past. The app has added Facebook support to allow users to live stream on to the platform and find their Facebook friends on it too. To find out more about the difference between live streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat, read Lara’s blog here.
  1. Twitter partners with Google
    All tweets are now fed to Google as they are posted on Twitter. Twitter has given Google access to its stream feed to allow tweets to show as a part of Google’s search results.
  1. Periscope app has finally arrived for Android
    The new live streaming app has finally launched the Android app following the original app setup for iOS. The features are very similar with a few additional notification settings.
  1. Coming soon: Google’s ‘buy’ button
    Google has announced that a ‘buy’ button will be added to Google Search to give users the option of purchasing what they are searching for directly from the search engine.

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