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How-Tu Tuesday: Mashable #SMDay – Hootsuite Special

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June 30th 2015

To join Mashable’s social media day celebrations (#SMDay), we thought we would provide some insight on how to juggle multiple social media channels effectively.

So everyone has established that social media is a great marketing tool and essential to digital success; but to keep up with the traffic and day-to-day management of all platforms, it is still very difficult to establish efficiency and not spend too much time on the marketing outlet.

As Rene is a Hootsuite brand ambassador and advocate, we always recommend using this management tool to manage various accounts, content, campaigns and team members. Hootsuite also allows for social listening and result management. All this can be controlled from one dashboard.

These are the main features that can make managing social media marketing just that bit more delightful.

Track activity

Social listening by tracking your customer’s conversations online is one of the powers of using social media for business. It can also be very time consuming when done manually. Hootsuite Quick Search enables you to search different social media channels for various keywords or hashtags, add the stream to the dashboard in use, and view and track at a glance.

Content management

To keep your audience interested and attract new social media followers, regularly updated content is key. Besides the easy scheduling and posting features on Hootsuite that allow you to publish posts onto multiple platforms from one place, Hootsuite has added a new feature that aids in content curation. This feature helps you discover new content relevant to various themes your readers expect. You can also save any interesting articles you would like to share later onto your dashboard using The Hootsuite Syndicator.

Other great features

As your social media team grows or you include more people in your business to participate in the company’s social media activity, it can get messy. Hootsuite Teams allows for organisations, teams and members to be structured and managed with various permission levels.  This will allow for smoother workflows and avoid any internal miscommunication.

The Hootlet is one of Hootsuite’s best functions; it is a Google Chrome extension. Once installed, it’s available to use on content across any webpage to bookmark, share or assign to a team member.

Finally, without measuring the time and money invested on social media, one cannot track the success. Hootusite provides real-time insights as well as overall brand growth. The analytics also identify key social influencers and illustrates your audience’s demographic and geography. These tools are crucial when setting KPIs and measuring sentiment metrics as well.

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