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Tuminds Goes Stateside

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August 18th 2015

America is the land of hopes and dreams where businesses and individuals alike believe that if you can make it there, then you can make it anywhere. Social media could be referred to as the “America” of marketing since it is fast becoming the tool that everyone turns to for boosting profits and raising brand awareness. Unsurprisingly, social media in America is a creative hub for exciting innovations and developments that often impact hugely on the wider digital and marketing worlds.

As with many things in life, they begin over the pond and quickly migrate to the UK before eventually spreading throughout the rest of Europe and beyond. With marketing, and social media in particular being a constant hotbed of change and development, the U.S. is where marketers should be looking to for industry trends and “the next big thing”.

I recently made the exciting move to New York and being the compulsive scroller, tweeter, liker, Pinner, Insta posting Snapchatter that I am, I’m looking forward to discovering everything this city has to offer in terms of the newest platforms and strategies, and more importantly how this translates into the one thing that all brands crave … ROI.  NYC is one of the most advanced cities not only in America, but in the world, and is home to some of the most innovative startups in the digital landscape, including Tumblr and Etsy; in other words, it’s a marketer’s paradise.

As the “New York” correspondent for Tuminds, I will be sharing what I learn about social media and digital trends via the Tuminds blog, with regular updates of how businesses in the Highlands and Scotland-wide can benefit from the changes and developments being introduced.

Awareness of trends and what is proving to be most popular with your customers is key for spreading your brand message and connecting with those who matter most – the people buying your products and using your services. Looking at what the market leaders are doing often provides small and medium size businesses with the confidence and knowledge to follow and it also allows for any initial problems to be identified and resolved before implementation.

New York correspondent for Tuminds signing off … but stay tuned!

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