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How-Tu Tuesday: Finding The Influencers Within Your Industry

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September 8th 2015

Communication is one of the most important skills humans can possess. Furthermore, the tools we use to communicate are constantly changing and evolving. The 20th century saw the inventions of the telephone, television, internet and mobile phones all come to life, and the 21st century could be dubbed the digital age as the focus has very much been on the evolution of social media.

Today, in 2015, people now use the various social platforms to not only broadcast their thoughts and opinions, but to make valuable connections, which often turn into meaningful relationships. Simply by following the right people gives you access to the voices that matter most to you.

However, the volume of people on social media far outweighs even the most popular of address books, sometimes making it difficult to find the people most relevant to you and your industry.

Below is a list of the top people and other outlets you should be following and potentially making connections with in the technology, fashion, travel, food and health, and business and marketing industries. For those who are less well-known and more niche to you due to a personal or geographical connection, then you can try searching their name using the Twitter search or finding their Twitter handle on their LinkedIn profile or email signature.


  • Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn


Posts the most interesting articles from LinkedIn and tweets everyone you need to know in Silicon Valley

  • Kara Swisher, Re/code Co-Executive Editor


Shares breaking news from within the industry along with her own tech thoughts

  • Nick Bilton, technology and business columnist at the New York Times


Fascinating insight into everything tech related and regarded as one of the leading voices in the industry

  • Jack Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter/CEO of Square


Follow to discover the future of mobile commerce

  • Fred Wilson, Co-founder of Union Square Ventures


Expert advice for tech start-ups and one of the most important people in the industry

To follow more influential people from the technology industry, check out this article here.


  • Alexander Fury, The Independent’s Fashion Editor


Reports on everything you need to know from fashion week and identifies the biggest trends for next season

  • Susie Bubble, fashion blogger


One of the most influential fashion bloggers who sits front row at the shows and shares her brand collaboration experiences

  • WWD, media outlet


First to report on the biggest stories in fashion, retail and beauty

  • Hilary Alexander, Fashion Director of the Daily Telegraph


Reports on fashion week, the biggest trends, latest brand collaborations and seasonal collections

  • Refinery29, media outlet


Reports on the stories you don’t hear about anywhere else and gives a more quirky and fun perspective of the fashion industry

To follow more influential people from the fashion industry, check out this article here.


  • Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber


Gives his own unique perspective on the industry including what is done well and what needs to be improved upon

  • Monica Drake, New York Times Travel Editor


Reports on the biggest news stories from within the industry

  • TripAdvisor, travel site


Follow for reports on which locations and attractions are the best in the world, along with general travel news and updates

  • Brian Chesky, Co-founder of Airbnb


Shares his opinions of the industry and his insight into the business side of travel

  • Simon Calder, travel expert


Shares the most up to date and breaking travel news and provides tips for both travellers and businesses working within the tourism and hospitality industry

To follow more influential people from the travel industry, check out this article here.

Nutrition and Health

  • Robert Lustig, consultant paediatrician and endocronologist, and author of Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar


Shares his mission to reverse childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes, by wagering the war against sugar.  His message ‘eat real food’

  • Casey Ho, pilates instructor and YouTuber


Shares motivational messages and her latest pilates videos and healthy eating recipes

  • Madeline Shaw, author of Get The Glow


Shares updates from the industry, along with her meal and healthy living ideas and tips

  • Hemsley and Hemsley, food bloggers and Vogue contributors


The pair share their original and creative meal ideas

  • Jamie Oliver, chef


Shares his recipes and how people can get involved with healthy lifestyle initiatives in the UK and further afield

To follow more influential people from the nutrition and health industry, check out this article here.

Business and Marketing

  • Peter Collins, expert in marketing and communications


Shares his expert advice on the best ways to promote your business and the best tools available to use

  • Linda Yueh, BBC Chief Business correspondent and presenter of Talking Business


Reports on business and economics

  • Jeff Bullas, content marketing influencer


Shares his top marketing tips and the most up to date tools from within the industry

  • Will Critchlow, Founder and CMO of Distilled


Shares his marketing tricks and expert advice that he has learned from working with some of the biggest brands in the world

  • Tuminds, social media and digital maketing agency


This one may be a little bias… However, a follow for Tuminds will provide you with the latest news updates from the social media world, along with advice on how to make the most of your online presence

To follow more influential people from business and marketing, check out this article here.

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