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How-Tu Tuesday: Getting In To The Festive Spirit On Social Media

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December 8th 2015

The way businesses approach their social channels is critical to their success.  Unlike other marketing tools, they provide the opportunity to reach out and relate to your customers in a more down to earth and friendly way, displaying some personality.  Thus, with the holiday season upon us, some festive spirit should be injected into your social activity, wherever that may be – on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat… And yes, even LinkedIn.

Here are 5 creative ways to do just that:

  1. Decorate Your Profile

Although words are important, especially for sharing messages, you can also visually show your love for all things Santa Claus and mistletoe through your profile page and the way you decorate it. Even if it is something small, you could edit your brand logo, cover page or background colours to incorporate a little festive fun, showing you appreciate and enjoy this time of year.  PicMonkey is particularly good for this!

  1. Christmas Themed Promotion

Most companies have promotions all year round and communicate these via their marketing efforts, including their social channels. So why not create a Christmas related promotion? With most retailers earning as much as 20% of their annual revenue during the month of December, it is imperative for many businesses that they capitalise on this and make the most of it. Whether it be special discounts, free delivery, exclusive offers or telling your followers how many days left they have to place an order and receive it in time for the 25th, make it shout Christmas and relate it to their needs during the holiday season; shopping for loved ones, doing the food shopping for Christmas dinner or booking that all important reservation for the office party!

  1. A Time of Giving

As well as giving gifts to family and friends, many people at this time of year also give to charity – and for businesses it should be no different. Show your charitable side and do something nice, either for your customers, those in need, or both!

This could be done through a special give-away, granting someone’s wish or donating a portion of profit made from your Christmas collection to charity. Whatever the activity, ensure that your followers are involved in some way as this will encourage them to use your brand, will give them a sense of the values your company follows and most importantly, will raise more money and awareness for the cause you are choosing to support. Provide a sense of purpose around your campaign by creating a hashtag and cross-promoting it on all social channels and other online platforms.

  1. Christmas Party: You’re Invited

A more extravagant way of letting people know you are in the festive spirit and ready to celebrate is hosting a Christmas party (or some kind of holiday themed event). As well as other marketing channels, this should be broadcasted via your social channels and can even be incorporated into the artwork on your profile page. A snazzy design, along with the key information (date, time, location) and regular postings sent out in the lead up to the event will let your followers know that it’s happening and encourage them to come along and celebrate with you. Depending on your industry, the event could focus on offering special discounts, tastings, demos, live performances, or a meet & greet with one of your brand ambassadors/influencers.

  1. Share The Festive Joy

Above all else, you should be sharing the Christmas spirit across your channels via special daily messages. For most people, Christmas is a time of joy, happiness, loved ones and being grateful for all that we have – so celebrate the good things! Engage with your followers by asking them what they are looking forward to most about the festive season and retweet the best answers. In return, let people know what your brand enjoys most about Christmas and when you have run out of holiday related messages to share (is that really possible though) you can always simply wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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