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How-Tu Tuesday: Staying On Trend In Social Media

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December 22nd 2015

We all live our lives at a fast pace in today’s society and most things don’t stay the same for long. This is especially true with social media and the various other digital platforms and devices we use on a daily basis.

Social media has become a key marketing tool for many businesses and is now at the core of most communication between a brand and their customers. Therefore it is crucial that these brands are aware of the continual changes and updates that are made to the various social platforms and are able to identify the trends that are picking up and slowing down.

Below is a list of useful and easy ways to keep up to date and on trend…

Update Your App

The first thing to always check when staying up to date in social media is whether the platform you are on needs updating to the latest version. You can do this via the App Store where any updates will (surprisingly) be waiting for you under the “updates” tab.

Check the News

As with general news, a good way to discover the latest trends in social media is to regularly check news website. The best sites for tech and social media updates includes Mashable, TechCrunch, Social Media Examiner, Social Times (via Adweek) and Digital Trends.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Yes junk email is annoying, but some e-newsletters can be a good way to catch up on the latest news without the hassle of having to go and look for it – it comes straight to your inbox and all your have to do is read! There are a number of good sites to sign up to including SmartBrief, The Rabbitgram, Battenhall Monthly and e-Marketing Essentials Weekly Update.

Check Social Media

Social media itself can be used to stay on top of the latest digital updates. Twitter in particular is often the best platform for this and as well as the news sites already mentioned, there are a number of social media thought leaders whose tweets you should follow. They include Brian Solis (@briansolis), Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang), Joshua Waldman (@joshuawaldman) and of course, our very own Rene Looper (@tuminds).

Read Our Newsflash

Finally, if you fail to do all of the above but remember to do this one thing then you will still be covered… Reading the Tuminds monthly Newsflash! It details all of the updates and changes that have been made to the major social channels throughout the past month. Make sure you catch our December Newsflash, being published at the end of this month!

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