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Social Media Tips: Showing the Personality Behind the Brand

Picture for Rene Looper Rene Looper

December 10th 2015

I’ve written in previous posts about the importance of your social media channels reflecting the personality of your business and this month I’ve come across a great example of this.  According to their Twitter bio, Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is ‘one of the most unusual visitor attractions in Edinburgh’ where you can experience optical illusions and ‘fun, interactive, hands-on exhibits’.  Social media platforms allow businesses to show potential customers who they are – and, as a potential customer myself, I immediately got a sense of the fun, quirky nature of the business from their Twitter and Facebook pages.  The voice of their social media marketing comes across as entertaining and, from the content and tone of their posts, I imagine a visit would be fun, interesting and a little bit different.

At the moment Camera Obscura is getting in the festive spirit with Christmas cracker type jokes and Christmas themed optical illusions.  These fun optical illusions engage their fans and followers, and help to illustrate the personality of the brand.  As well as a bit of fun, the tone is also informative, such as in this example below.  I also noted that they create content specifically for Facebook and Twitter (like the candy cane example) which is important as they are two different platforms, with different audiences.

camera obscura

Source: https://www.facebook.com/camobscura/

The optical illusions and photographs shared on their social media emphasise the visual nature of the attraction.  And, after all, this attraction is all about the visual, from the Camera Obscura itself and the gallery of illusions to the panoramic rooftop views of Edinburgh.  We know that tweets with images receive more engagement than tweets without, and this recent tweet with a photograph taken from their rooftop is an example of this, with considerably more likes and retweets than other tweets.  On Facebook the same photograph had 376 likes, 20 comments and 548 shares, reaching 4.1k likes when shared by Edinburgh Spotlight.

Credit https://twitter.com/camobscura

Source: https://twitter.com/camobscura

With beautiful views and a gallery of fun optical illusions you would expect visitors to be snapping away during a visit, which generates content for the attraction.  They share some of this user-generated content on their channels, and despite not having an Instagram account they still have a presence on this hugely popular platform in the images and videos with the location of Camera Obscura and World of Illusions.

Credit: IG @valemaya89

Credit: IG @valemaya89

Located near the new Virgin Money Street of Light, Camera Obscura has also been sharing photographs of the light show on Facebook and encouraging visitors to stop by their premises beforehand, as well as using the hashtag #streetoflight on Twitter.  They have also made use of #Christmas, #BlackFriday and #mystandrewsday in recent tweets.

Having never been to Camera Obscura their social media is my first impression of the attraction, giving me an idea of what I can expect from a visit.  The voice of the brand is essential in communicating this and to me, it is quirky, almost Alice in Wonderland-esque; beckoning me to follow down the rabbit hole and into a world of illusion.

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