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Tuminds Newsflash – December

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December 28th 2015

LinkedIn Gets A Makeover

LinkedIn has, for a long time, been known for its poor mobile interface, with many of it’s users choosing not to download the mobile app due its poor usability quality However, the desktop version of the platform has remained popular with people looking for online networking opportunities with recruiters, employees and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the introduction of a new and revamped iOS and Android version of the mobile app is being welcomed by all.

According to LinkedIn the new look is “more intuitive, smarter and dramatically simplifies the LinkedIn experience”. Whilst giving the main feed inside the mobile app a new look, the company also announced that it has cut down on the volume of emails that it sends out to users. In the spirit of de-cluttering people’s inboxes, the mobile app is now more aesthetically pleasing and users are now able to opt-out of content and be more selective about what pops up in their feed.

However, beyond aesthetics, the main focus and biggest change to the app is the messaging function. Before, users were not able to easily message their existing connections and potential new connections due to the interface resembling the desktop version of the site, which more often than not, doesn’t translate well to mobile. It is now more chat-like with the option to add stickers and attach documents and images – much like the Facebook messenger app.

Instagram Plays With Toggling

Another long overdue feature on social media is the ability to toggle between Instagram accounts. When Instagram announced earlier in the month that they were piloting the idea, their 400 million users all breathed a sigh of relief… Or at least those managing more than one account. Twitter has already mastered this feature, making it easy and quick to toggle between multiple Twitter profiles.

However, many of those users who would benefit from this update to the platform may have to hold their breath a little longer as it is currently only being tested for Android devices and has not yet been tried for iOS.

Following this announcement, Instagram then officially started offering advertising opportunities to businesses, both small and large, who’s target market are users of the image-sharing platform. To find out more about integrating these ads into your social media strategy, click here.

Twitter Takes “Moments” To The UK

Back in our October Newsflash we mentioned that Twitter was introducing a new feature to the platform, know as Moments. This new and very popular addition has now made its way over to the UK for all of Twitter’s British users to enjoy. The new addition curates content for the user by collecting news stories, tweets, videos and images from across the Twitter feed and stores it in one single tab, which can be identified by the lightening bolt logo. Representing the most important breaking and developing stories in the news and Twitter world, these tweets are categorised into tabs within the Moments tab and include Today, Entertainment, News, Sports and Fun.

The UK is the third country that Twitter has launched this new feature in and is managed by an editorial team in London who are responsible for curating the content and selecting the most current and popular stories across the main news profiles.

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