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Two Weeks at Tuminds HQ

Picture for Emma Gibb Emma Gibb

April 12th 2017

When I walked into the office at Wester Inshes Farmhouse on my first day at Tuminds I was greeted by smiling faces, a lovely Lightbox message, beautiful flowers and a selection of Harry Gow cakes.  It was the warmest welcome I’ve ever had to a new job and I really am thrilled to have joined Team Tuminds.

Emma Gibb joins Tuminds Social Media

I first met Rene at a Tuminds training workshop in Moray seven years ago and it was because of social media, a retweet of Rene’s, that I ended up in my previous position.  It was also because of a tweet of mine a few years ago that Rene asked me to do some freelance writing (my tweet coincidentally reminding Rene about me just at the time he was looking for a copywriter).  And social media also led me to this new role with Tuminds as Content Marketing Executive and Trainer, as I got in touch following a Tuminds Facebook post.

Part of what drew me to Tuminds is that before I started working in Marketing I was a teacher.  So with a background in both teaching and social media I am excited to have the opportunity now to combine these two worlds as a Trainer with Tuminds.  I’m looking forward to expanding on my own knowledge and, at some point further down the line, getting back into the classroom!

I have managed social media accounts and written copy for websites and blogs for the last six years, during which time I also had two children.  When I saw that Tuminds were recruiting it just felt like the right time for a change – and a wonderful opportunity to grow.

Having worked from home for the last 6 years I was excited by actually being in an office these last two weeks (as well as having to think about what to wear each day!).  With two preschool children at home (who are with their dad whilst I am working), this fortnight in the lovely Tuminds office has been a nice change from having persistent knocking at the door and coming back to my desk to find scribbles all over my notes.  After this two week training period I am returning to working remotely back home in Aberdeenshire – but I’m looking forward to regular visits to the Tuminds office (absolutely nothing to do with the cakes, I promise!).

My first two weeks have involved learning the new systems, sitting in on training sessions, writing for the Tuminds blog (following a question from one of the clients), research, report writing, social media snapshots and a press release.  Lots of content writing, lots of lovely office chat and lots of cake!  (It was my first experience of the famous Harry Gow dream ring – yum!).  I was also introduced to Slack, the in-house communication tool that the team uses – which will definitely help to make me feel part of things even though I’m based at home.  (And I’m now used to people saying they will ‘slack’ me something!).  The work has been varied and really interesting, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Tuminds team and the good folks at Dynam who work in the same building.  And, having been based with family in Findhorn, I can also happily say that I can now negotiate the Inshes roundabout in Inverness without the same nervousness I experienced at rush hour on my first day!

You’ll find me mainly on Instagram (my favourite platform – I’m a bit of an Instagram-addict!), and on Twitter @emmajrgibb and LinkedIn.

One comment on “Two Weeks at Tuminds HQ

  1. Dr A Rodway -

    Always enjoy your writing Emma and feel we know Tuminds better too. Seems like a very ” good fit”. Enjoy and we look forward to more. A.


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