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Social Media Image Sizes 2017

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December 12th 2017

It’s important that you share eye-catching images on social media, but also that your images are the right size for the platforms you’re using.  If you’re tweeting an image, for example, it should be a landscape orientated, rectangular image with a 2:1 aspect ratio.

Also make sure that you use the same logo/images for profile and cover photos – it’s key that your branding is consistent across your social media channels.

Here’s a run down of the social media image sizes for each platform (in pixels).


Profile photo =

  • 170 x 170 (computers)
  • 128 x 128 (smartphones)

The profile photo will be cropped to a circular shape in posts/ads, but will remain a square on the business page.

Cover photo =

  • 820 x 312 (computers)
  • 640 x 360 (smartphones)

Shared images = 1200 x 630

Shared link = 1200 x 627

Event images = 1920 x 1080

Tip: You could upload a video cover instead of a static image.  Videos need to be between 20 – 90 seconds.

Facebook cover size


Profile photo = 400 x 400 (with a maximum file size of 100KB)

Cover image = 1500 x 500

Shared images = minimum 440 x 220 (maximum 1024 x 512)

Tip: You can download high-quality, royalty free images to share on social media at Pixabay or Pexels.


Personal profile

Profile photo = 400 x 400

Profile cover image = 1584 x 396

Company page

Logo image = 400 x 400

Cover image = 1584 x 768

Tip: LinkedIn is a primarily a Business to Business (B2B) network, so make sure that you use a professional profile photo.


Profile photo = 110 x 110

Photo thumbnails = 161 x 161

Photo size = 1080 x 1080

Landscape photos = 1080 x 566

Portrait photos = 1080 x 1350

Tip: There are lots of apps you can download to make photos and videos stand out on Instagram, such as Layout, Boomerang, Lumyer, Over, PicFlow and InstaQuote.


Channel profile = 800 x 800

Channel cover photo = 2560 x 1440

Video uploads = 1280 x 720

Tip: To qualify as full HD, your video dimensions need to be at least 1280 x 720.


Profile photo = 165 x 165

Pins in the feed = 236 pixels wide

Expanded pins = 600 pixels wide

Tip: Canva is a free photo editing tool, that also has templates for different social media platforms.

Photo editing tools - Canva

Image source: https://www.canva.com


Profile photo = 250 x 250

Cover image = 1080 x 608

Shared image = 497 x 373

Shared video = 496 pixels wide

Tip: The cover image is the largest, and most eye-catching, image on the page – why not use it to promote a service or product?







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