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Best Practice Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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May 9th 2018

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Unlike other social media platforms that promote your business, LinkedIn is all about marketing yourself.  As LinkedIn is a professional platform,  it is important that your profile is up to date and gives a good impression of both yourself and your company.  Here are some top tips for improving your personal profile on LinkedIn.

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

1 – Add a profile and cover photo. Make sure you choose the right profile photo as it is important for giving a good first impression.  It should be a recent photo, with your face taking up around 60% of the photo (don’t use a long-distance shot).  The cover photo also helps to make your page to stand out and capture attention, as well as telling people a bit more about you.

2 – Don’t just have your job title in your headline. You can add more information here about your role than just the title.  Take a look at other professionals in your industry to see what they have in their headline.Use the summary to tell your story. This field can be used to tell people your story, rather than just list your skills and experience.  Be creative!

3 – Use the summary to tell your story. This field can be used to tell people your story, rather than just list your skills and experience.  Be creative!

4 – Customise invitations to connect with others. Instead of just sending an automated request to join someone’s network, add a personal note.  (Invitations with a personal note are more likely to be accepted).

5 – List your relevant skills.  In the Skills and Endorsements section you can choose from a list of skills those that are relevant to you.  Doing so allows others to endorse you for these skills, which increases your credibility.

6 – Don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements and recommendations. You could send a polite message asking a connection if they would endorse you, or write a recommendation (a personal testimonial).  If you endorse some of your connections, perhaps they will return the favour.

7 – Share engaging content. Share relevant, interesting content to your network that adds value to their feeds.

8 – Add Publications. If you have published any work online, you can link to it from Publications (under Accomplishments).  This is said to be one of the most under-used features of LinkedIn personal profiles.

9 – Publish long-form content. As well as sharing and commenting on content to establish your expertise, you could publish articles (like blog posts) that remain on your profile.  This is a good way to start conversation in your network.

10 – Customise your URL. Make it easy for others to find you with a customised URL, which you can then promote.  (https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/87/customizing-your-public-profile-url?lang=en).

11 – Join relevant industry groups. Once you have worked on your profile, ask to join some groups relevant to your industry.  Groups are a great way to grow your network, share your knowledge and expertise, and stay up to date with trends.

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