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A Week in the Life of a Tuminds Intern

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July 25th 2018

Tuminds Team

For many students my age, the beginning of summer is synonymous with relaxation and enjoying life free from the stress of University exams. However, having come to the end of my year studying abroad in California, I was eager to gain work experience in the social media industry when I returned home to the Highlands. Studying Business Management and Sociology at the University of Glasgow, I was keen to explore the business of social media in more depth. So, after a bit of online research, a nerve-racking Skype interview and a thirteen-hour flight home, I was starting my internship with Tuminds Social Media.

Embarking on my new role as an intern I had little idea of what to expect; but influenced by the stereotypes created on television I suspected plenty note-taking, coffee making and sleepless nights. However, as I arrived to the Tuminds office on my first day, these misconceptions were put to rest when I was welcomed in with a coffee and cookie, and a friendly smile. My role as Digital Marketing Executive is to tap into to a variety of aspects included in the process of social media training. I will receive first-hand experience in the business of social media, which will allow me to gain a deeper understanding of how businesses can best use social media for their business needs.

Welcome Hollie

What drew me to Tuminds was their unique business of social media training and having only scraped the surface of social media marketing at University, I was keen to gain a better understanding of the value social media has from a business perspective. Being a Millennial, I admittedly spend a lot of time on social media, so felt as though I had a good idea of how best to use my own accounts. However, after only a few days at Tuminds, I quickly learnt that there was much more to know! It hadn’t occurred to me that although each platform serves the same purpose – a place to share your content – they all have their own unique tone. For example, a post you create specifically for Instagram may not be appropriate for Facebook or Twitter. Understandably, I have learned that this can be overwhelming for many smaller businesses that may not have the time to post regularly. This being said, there are tools in place to help you keep on top of your posts and make your life as a content creator easier. Websites such as Hootsuite allow you to monitor and schedule posts across your platforms in one easy-to-use dashboard, removing the time pressure that often comes with maintaining a strong social media presence.

Already in my first week I have gained valuable experience through being tasked with content creation, assisting with client meetings and beginning the research to form a social media strategy. The Tuminds team are always offering their encouragement for me to ask questions and provide my own input, and in the short time I’ve been here I have been made to feel like a valued team member – and I don’t think that’s just because I offer to make the morning coffees! On Friday the team was brought together for a delicious breakfast meeting, which was a lovely way to round off my first week as the new intern.

So far, my experience of being an intern is far from the expectations that were influenced by the dramatized stereotypes we see on television. I’m delighted to be part of such a welcoming and dedicated team, and greatly look forward to the rest of my internship here with Tuminds Social Media.

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  1. Fiona O'Fee -

    It’s lovely having you on board Hollie!


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