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Why VSCO is one of the Best Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Content

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July 26th 2018

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While app stores are inundated with a multitude of options for editing content, one that most deserves your attention is VSCO. VSCO (Visual Supply Co.) is a photography centric app that allows you to capture, edit and share your photographs to a community of like-minded content creators. With an array of filters (referred to as presets), VSCO enables you to improve your photographs with ease, to achieve results that rival the look of a Fujifilm Superia 400 and Kodak Trix. Giving you access to up to 130 unique presets, VSCO becomes an obvious choice for all content creators looking to enhance their photographs.

Palm Trees

Simply by adjusting the contrast and white balance of your image, a vintage look can be created to add more character to your photographs.

Available for free, or for a yearly subscription of £15 for added features, VSCO can be used not only as an editing tool but also as a platform to share your photographs with a community of content creators. What differentiates VSCO from similar applications such as Instagram, is that it was not designed with the intension of becoming another social network; instead its creators strived to create a platform that serves as a place for inspiration, creativity and community. While Instagram is a social media platform in which is utilised as a communication tool, VSCO has emerged as a photography tool free from the intrusion of likes and comments.


The above pictures show a before and after of a Southern California sunset. After applying the preset G3 and toning down the intensity, the exposure, contrast and clarity were adjusted to make the warm tones of the sunset more vibrant.

Common to any social media platform is the desire to create a sense of community. However, what is original to VSCO is its ability to allow your creative tendencies to run wild in a space where the creators are the community. VSCO’s motto “we the creators” resonates with this unique aspect. Alongside the presets available on the free version of VSCO, users have the option to purchase VSCO X (the premium subscription model). Included in this, users gain access to 130 exclusive presets in which are a step above other film inspired effects in terms of both quality and quantity. Unlike many other photo editing apps which can be overwhelming and difficult to use for novices, VSCO strikes the right balance between being easy and useful to use for both beginners and advanced photographers.


Use the exposure and highlight features to fade out background noise to create a focal point for your photographs.

Being a multifaceted photo editing app, VSCO offers a great deal of value to you as a user. As well as providing a space to share original content, VSCO can be used merely as an editing tool. Given the array of presets and editing features that are on offer, you can create high quality, unique photographs that can thereafter be shared to your preferred social media accounts.


For further details and tips on how best to use VSCO please visit https://iphonephotographyschool.com/vsco/ and with more information regarding the app visit their website.

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