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Threads: First Impressions

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July 7th 2023

Are you ready for a new social media platform? Yesterday Meta launched Threads, a new text-based app that is very like Twitter. Whether you’re excited for something new and ready to jump ship from Twitter to Threads or you’re more hesitant to get to grips with another platform, here’s what you need to know about the new Threads app.

Instagram Threads

As of 7th July the app has apparently had a mind-blowing 48 million sign-ups (30 million in less than a day!), making it set to be the fastest growing app.

Post by @zuck
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This must be predominantly to do with the fact that you log in using your Instagram account, which makes sign-up quick and easy for those already using Instagram. Which is the first point – you do need an Instagram account to use it. The second is that your username and bio are pulled from your Instagram account (although you do have the option to edit it). You also have the option to follow the same accounts as on Instagram.

The integration also means that you can go from Threads to Instagram (you’ll see the Instagram icon at the top right of your profile) and you can share threads to your Instagram Stories or post to feed (using the paper plane icon under a thread).

You can share up to 500 characters of text (unlike Twitter’s 280-character limit) and threads can include links, photos and videos. 

Here are Alastair’s first impressions (you can view his full thread on Threads below):

Clean interface

Personally I like how uncluttered the interface is within the app, it’s not throwing the kitchen sink at us. The navigational elements are on point and all practical. 

The lack of hashtags

Unsurprisingly we all expected hashtags to be a thing here, but at present they don’t seem to be. Personally I feel that as long as the Search functionality is working as intended then the lack of hashtags isn’t an issue.

I’m also really excited to not have to read posts, or Threads, where every second word is a hashtag. I’m looking at you Twitter and LinkedIn.

Home tab = everything

I really dislike having everyone’s content dropping into one huge feed. I get that it can be fantastic for discovering new accounts and topics, however, I hope Threads embraces TikTok’s two feed approach. Following and a General Feed would be a very welcome addition.


No, not the sharing content from Insta, but the direct profile access from users accounts is a very welcome touch that I’m sure individuals and businesses will benefit from.


Wow, the Search functionality is pitiful. Honestly amazed that it’s lacking in so much. How do I find Threads of interest without continuous scrolling? Or is that the point?

This brings the lack of hashtags even more to the forefront.


With the launch of Threads, the day one user base has unsurprisingly been huge and thankfully it’s brought about loads of open communication between a global audience and feels like a hard reset version of Twitter. 

Will it continue to thrive over the coming days, weeks, months?

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So what are your thoughts? Have you tried it? Will you use it? Leave your comments or questions below, and follow us @tuminds!

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