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Create images from text with DALL·E 3 via the Bing App AI

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December 18th 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere as more mass-market platforms integrate AI-powered solutions. From help with creating content and drafting documents to analysing data and creating visuals.

One of the leading AI image generation tools, DALL·E 3, is a cutting-edge AI model that allows you to transform your imagination into vivid images. And the best part? It’s now available through the Bing app for free!

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of DALL·E 3, highlight how to use it, and discuss important considerations regarding copyright.

What is DALL·E 3?

DALL·E 3 is developed by OpenAI, which also has created the hugely popular ChatGPT. DALL·E 3 is an AI language model that is trained to generate imagery from text descriptions provided by the user.

How to access DALL·E 3

DALL·E 3 can be accessed from 3 main sources:

  1. Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 App (download available via Apple App Store or Google Play)
  2. Image Creator from Microsoft Designer
  3. ChatGPT (only currently available for “Plus” subscribers)
Scan the QR Code to access the App.

How to use DALL·E 3

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating images from words with this amazing AI tool.

If you haven’t already, download and install the Bing app on your mobile device or log in to an upgraded ChatGPT Plus account.

  • Access DALL·E 3: Once you have the Bing app, you can access DALL·E 3 by navigating to its dedicated AI feature.
  • Enter Your Prompt: Input the description of the image you would like to be created. It can be as detailed or as imaginative as you like.
  • Generate: With your prompt entered, tap the “forward arrow” button, and watch as DALL·E 3 gets to work. It will then generate 4 images based on your description in a matter of moments.
  • Edit and Save: If needed, you can further edit and customise these images. Once you’re satisfied, simply save the image to your device.

DALL·E 3 offers incredible creative potential, it’s crucial to understand and respect copyright laws when using AI-generated images. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Source Attribution: If you plan to use AI-generated images in any public or commercial context, it’s essential to provide proper source attribution, acknowledging that the images were created using DALL·E 3.
  • Originality: Be cautious not to use AI-generated images that closely resemble existing copyrighted works, as this could infringe on the rights of the original creators.
  • Commercial Use: Some AI-generated images may be subject to usage restrictions for commercial purposes. Always check the terms and conditions associated with the AI model you’re using.
  • Ethical Use: Use AI-generated images responsibly and ethically. Avoid generating and publishing content that promotes harm, hate, or misinformation, especially via social media.

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