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Shop Local Inverness

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January 19th 2013

Last year, just before Christmas we launched our latest e-commerce initiative supporting local shops in the High Street, Inverness and encouraging people to shop local online: Shop Local Inverness.

There is no denying that the internet has a huge impact on the High Street and even large retailers and national chains like HMV and others have blamed the rise in online shopping as one of the reasons they’ve had to shut shop. Even Morrisons supermarket blamed their disappointing sales over Christmas to the lack of online presence.

However, when you ask people you will find that most do like to support their local High Street but the ease of online shopping makes people buy online at Amazon, Tesco, Argos and other multinationals. People can shop in their own time, any time that suits them, even at night and other times when most retailers are closed.

Many independent retailers don’t have an online presence and if they have a web site there is no facility to order or browse their products online.

That’s why we launched Shop Local Marketplace Inverness. Local independent retailers can launch their own online store with full control over the content and customers can browse the High Street online from one web portal!

This initiative came about whilst discussing how the High Street can benefit from an effective online presence and social media activity with Inverness BID last year and if you run a business in the InvernessBID area you can promote your products for FREE till the end of March by emailing Pamela on [email protected].

If you run a business outside the InvernessBID area then contact us to get involved or see more info on the Shop Local web site. We can set up your own online shop for a small monthly fee with no contract, you can start or stop the online shop at any moment.

Delighted to have been featured on the front page(!) of the Inverness Courier on Friday the 19th of January 2013, with the Headline “Shops in Virtual High Street Scheme”.

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