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Tuminds joins the Two:8 Collective

Picture for Rene Looper Rene Looper

June 30th 2014







Tuminds is delighted to have joined the Two:8 Collective’s innovative workspace at 28 Church Street, Inverness. The newly renovated building is also home an exciting variety of artists, designers, craftspeople and creatives. Our new neighbours include:


Fine Artist Laura Moon

Craft artist Joni Phippin

Ceramicist Robin Palmer

Graphic Designer Olly Macdonald at Ink Puppy

Sporran maker Jennifer Cantwell at Sporran-nation

Jeweller Hazel Passmore at hp Jewellery


Co-working collaboratives are proving an increasingly attractive work environment for businesses and entrepreneurs. They facilitate an impressive fusion of knowledge and expertise, which can lead to the development of exceptionally productive working relationships and enhanced innovations.


Being part of a multifaceted social network is a vital part of our work at Tuminds, often leading to unimagined opportunities. It was as a result of networking via social media that we joined the Two:8 Collective! Could we help you to establish and evolve your online presence?


The Tuminds team would be delighted to welcome you to our exciting new workspace, so feel free to pop in anytime and say hello – we almost always have cake!


For more information about the Two:8 Collective, please visit:

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