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(2) All you ever wanted to know about… experiential marketing

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September 25th 2014

With experiential marketer Robin Dunlop

Robin Dunlop is an experiential marketer with a wealth of experience. His most recent project was the ‘Food From Argyll’ initiative which saw him promote the brand in creative ways across cities, festivals and the Commonwealth Games this summer.


What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing is all about producing interactive, creative and exciting ways of engaging and communicating with your target audience. It is an approach which uses fresh, original and out-of-the-box ideas to stand out from the crowd.


Where is the best place to start when running an experiential campaign?

The best place to start with any experiential marketing campaign is to establish your target audience, how best to grab their attention and maintain their interest. Who are they? Where do they go? When do they go there? What attracts them? How do they communicate?


How can experiential marketing help to facilitate a viral campaign?

Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing, and a viral campaign results when this occurs on a far greater level. To achieve this using experiential marketing you must capture the imagination of your niche audience and encourage them to chat about your brand.


How can businesses use experiential marketing to their advantage?

The conversations generated by experiential campaigns are often far more valuable for your brand than traditional marketing approaches. It can bring your brand to life – enabling greater audience engagement and improved customer loyalty, which is more cost effective than customer acquisition.


How are experiential campaigns supported by social media?

Social media is the anchor of all experiential campaigns. It is the platform on which your audience communicates and the place where your campaign grows. Ultimately it allows you to establish how successful your campaign has been at improving your brand experience and creating conversations.


If you would like more information on how experiential marketing could support your brand, please contact the Tuminds team on 01463 513 965 or [email protected].

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