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How-Tu Tuesdays: Track Who’s Pinning your Website Content

Picture for Rene Looper Rene Looper

February 24th 2015

It’s a renowned fact that Pinterest is addictive. Whether you are looking for creative ways to reuse that empty jam jar or inspiration to update your living room, spending 2-4 continuous hours scrolling from one photo to another has become common modern day behaviour. So since it’s easy for people to spend a lot of time on Pinterest, targeting a niche audience on there can be a great source of traffic to your website. My colleague Rachael wrote a great blog post explaining the benefits of pinning for business, here.

The real opportunity with Pinterest, however, lies in the power of others spreading your content for you. The chrome app ‘Pin-It Button‘ makes  it accessible for anyone on your website to Pin your content onto their own Pinterest boards. Whilst it is great to support this feature that allows people to share your content with their communities, it is vital to keep a track of that activity to maximise the benefit. This will give you the necessary insight on the behaviour and interests of your prospects and customers.

How to find out who has Pinned content from your website? Simple:

  1. on your browser start by typing  www.pinterest.com/source/
  2. then add in the name of the website without the ‘www.’ at the end of it – i.e. /tuminds.com

You will land on a page with a list of images that have been pinned from the chosen website.

This can be applied to any website in your industry or area. For example if you are in the Scottish tourism industry you may want to know what people are pinning from a high traffic website like VisitScotland. You can also try it out with your competitor’s website if you want, they’ll never find out!



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