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Tuminds Reading List: September Roundup

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September 30th 2017

As you might imagine, here at Tuminds HQ we read a lot of blog posts on social media news/updates and tips.  Here are just 6 of the posts we’ve read this month and thought our blog readers might find interesting.

6 Blog Posts To Bookmark

How to Use YouTube Correctly for Your Business

This handy infographic by Salesforce, referenced in this Social Media Today blog post, provides top tips such as how to organise your channel, characteristics of successful YouTube videos and video analytics.

How to Find the Right Paid Social Channel

If you’re wondering where to start with paid advertising, make sure you have a read of this blog post.  Starting with three important questions you need to ask yourself, it then takes a more in depth look at advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest.

How to Legally Repost User-Generated Content on Instagram

Is your business making the most of user-generated content?  As a highly visual platform, Instagram is an ideal place to share the snaps that your followers are taking.  This post goes over the ways in which you can legally repost photos of your business/area taken by others.

The Complete Guide to Creating Great-Looking Facebook Ads

It’s so important that your social media content is visually engaging.  This article by WordStream highlights some of the different ad types as well as ways in which you can make your ad stand out in the increasingly crowded Facebook feed.

Google Provides New Ways to Enhance Your Brand’s Appearance in Search

Did you know that there is a new option to manage your Google My Business listing directly from the search results themselves?  If you search for your business whilst logged into your Google account, you can now edit the information, add photos, share posts etc.

Instagram is About to Ruin Your Perfect Grid

If you’re someone who doesn’t like change and a big fan of Instagram, you may not be happy with the latest news that the 3 x 3 grid is about to change. It’s not happened yet, but it will be coming soon according to this post.

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