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Instagram has officially launched its new ‘Join Chat’ sticker for Stories

Following the launch of the “Close Friends” feature for Instagram,...
Picture for Alastair Miller Alastair Miller

July 9th 2019

How-Tu Tuesday: How to Create Instagram Stories
If you’ve read about why and how you can be using Instagram Stories to promote...
Picture for Emma Gibb Emma Gibb

March 19th 2019

Posting and Scheduling Directly from Hootsuite to Instagram
Posting Single Images Direct from Hootsuite to Instagram (It’s Back!)...
Picture for Emma Gibb Emma Gibb

February 25th 2019

8 Social Media Resolutions for 2019
Tips and Trends for 2019 We’ve combined some of our best practice tips for digital...
Picture for Emma Gibb Emma Gibb

January 7th 2019

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