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Instagram has officially launched its new ‘Join Chat’ sticker for Stories

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July 9th 2019

Following the launch of the “Close Friends” feature for Instagram, the newly launched ‘Join Chat’ sticker for Instagram Stories aims to connect viewers into private discussions.

Even though the primary focus for this new addition is to help increase private engagement with your friends, it may provide another exciting way for businesses and brands to build stronger communities. By sharing exclusive content brand advocates should feel a greater sense of connection.

Facebook Groups historically have been very successful in developing close-knit communities by enabling conversation between a group of like-minded individuals. The implementation of a similar element in to Instagram is very exciting. Given the power of influencer marketing across the platform, a more intimate discussion option could help nurture relationships with passionate users.

Have you created or joined a Chat yet? Let us know your thoughts on this latest Instagram additional in the comments below.

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