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The Best Social Media Accounts of 2015

Picture for Rene Looper Rene Looper

December 17th 2015

Every day at Tuminds we look at loads of social media accounts from around the world; the good, the bad and the …. (well you know the script).

It’s always a delight when you come across a fantastic local social media account; it’s true that not everyone is a natural at social media, but for some, well, they just nail it.

Now, as we come to the end of the year and look back on what stood out to us, what made us smile and what made us go ‘ahhhh…’, I thought I’d take a morning to think about which social media accounts really made an impact on me this year.

Looking at the big three platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I’ve selected three of my favourite social media profiles in the North of Scotland.  So let’s see how they wave their magic social media wands up here in the Highlands.


@RealNessie on Twitter

It’s fun to be fun. Let’s face it the majority of people go to social media to be entertained. This can be difficult for every business to engage with, especially if fun doesn’t really reflect the brand, but it is the fastest way to gain traction on social media.

Harnessing the mystery and global fascination of the Loch Ness Monster, Jacobite Cruises set up the @RealNessie account on Twitter. Not only does Nessie pose highly intellectual questions for us to consider such as ‘Do reindeers swim?’ and where can you find a ‘Nessie Star’ for the top of his Christmas tree this year? But Nessie has some serious criac about him, he’s totally passionate about his community here in the Highlands and always says something to put a smile on my face every day.

Nessie also likes to comment on popular culture, from wondering whether BBC River City might give our Nessie a cameo or his own show, Nessie City, to inviting George Clooney up for a visit when he was in Scotland in November. Its a great way to tap into wider conversations and reach out to people you might otherwise not ever connect with.

Of course, there have always been loads of people talking about Loch Ness and Nessie on social media, and an account like this is a great way to bring that conversation together in one place.

Turns out Nessie is a real chatter box! In fact I played a game of Marco-Polo with him last month.

So, can you find the world’s hide and seek champion in 2016?


Muckrach Hotel on Facebook

Capturing people’s imagination, appealing to their sense of luxury and creating gorgeous imagery is something Muckrach Country House Hotel do very well.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at Muckrach ⛄️

Posted by Muckrach Country House Hotel on Monday, 14 December 2015


The classic, stand out branding that Muckrach have designed is pervasive across all their online and offline marketing, and it really packs a punch on their Facebook page. Picking the right visuals that fit with your brand helps to cement in the minds of your followers the type of establishment you are, the attention to detail, the thought behind each post, and conveys the professional, attentive and luxurious experience you are going to have at this beautiful hotel.

Festive Afternoon Teas throughout December. Festive treats and mulled wine. Book now [email protected] or 01479 851227

Posted by Muckrach Country House Hotel on Monday, 30 November 2015


Creating content to promote via your Facebook page every day is a challenge, but taking a planned approach helps to cut down on the head scratching time. Creating unique, bold and engaging visuals is the way forward for social media marketing in 2016, something Muckrach has down to a tee.

Celebrate Burns Night at Muckrach. On 25th January 2016 enjoy a 3 course Dinner with arrival drinks at 6.30pm. £25 pp. Book now 01479 851227 | [email protected]

Posted by Muckrach Country House Hotel on Saturday, 12 December 2015


If you work in the tourism and hospitality industry, showing off your beautiful surroundings, set against the backdrop of stunning Highland landscape, is a USP we should all be taking full advantage of. People like to look at beautiful things, so, go on, share beautiful pictures of you and your establishment.


Culloden House on Instagram 

For just over a year, Culloden House Hotel have been dominating Instagram up here in the Highlands. They’ve worked out how to use this picture sharing platform to its best, to showcase their amazing hotel, location and of course the North of Scotland. Regularly getting hundreds of likes to their posts, Culloden House is proactive and interactive on Instagram which is perhaps why it has a fantastic following of over 3,000 people.

Culloden House are great at using hashtags to promote their posts across Instagram. Using a branded hashtag is great for brand awareness, but it’s the more generic searchable hashtags that really get a page like Culloden House noticed.


The post above has the brand awareness tags such as #CullodenHouse and #romanticplaces, but what I am most impressed with is Culloden’s ability to tap into popular media by using the hashtag #Outlander – an absolutely fantastic series set in Inverness and the Highlands – that has people talking about and looking for content around the show and the North of Scotland, all over the world.


For some hashtag inspiration I recommend you look at how Culloden House tag their Instagram posts every day.

As a recent, but now avid, user of Instagram, I came across Culloden House when they started liking all my #Culloden posts – you see, I live in the area and walk my dog up at Culloden Woods every day, and its a great source of inspiration for beautiful Instagram pics, and of course I hashtag my posts with #Culloden. Every time I do, I get a like and the occasional comment from Culloden House. Having a brand like this ‘like’ my images, when they produce such incredible ones themselves, certainly made me take notice of the Hotel and their social media. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get a chance to eat and stay there!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Hogmanay Everyone – Sian

It is definitely Autumn now! #autumnleaves #fall #inverness #cullodenwoods #jackrussell #dogwalk #dogsofinstagram

A photo posted by Sian Jamieson (@ms_saltire) on

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