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Free Stock Photos to improve your Marketing Campaigns

Photos have always been an important part of marketing, especially across social media. Unfortunately, we’ve grown accustomed to free stock photos being cheesy images of people in terrible suits, shaking hands on front of a fax machine. Yes, a fax machine. These stock photos look generic and at times outdated, but to get better usually [...] Read More

Digital Development Loan now launched for Scottish Businesses!

Does your business need financial investment to improve its digital capability? The Scottish Government has now launched their Digital Development Loan scheme, which is aimed at helping small to medium enterprises develop the digital side of their business. This loan can be used to improve or strengthen business in areas such as developing the digital [...] Read More

Best Practice Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Unlike other social media platforms that promote your business, LinkedIn is all about marketing yourself.  As LinkedIn is a professional platform,  it is important that your profile is up to date and gives a good impression of both yourself and your company.  Here are some top tips for improving your personal profile on LinkedIn. How […]

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Did Wetherspoon do the right thing by deleting all their social media accounts?

This article on Wetherspoon deleting their social media profiles was originally posted on LinkedIn Sunday 22 April 2018 At the beginning of the week, Wetherspoon pubs announced that they deleted all their social media accounts stating “current bad publicity surrounding social media, including the trolling of MPs and others” as one of the reasons behind […]

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Tuminds Reading List: March Roundup

Make a cup of tea and catch up on what’s been happening in social media world recently. Social Media News… Pinterest Releases New Data on How The Platform Influences Purchase Behaviour Did you know that most pinners use Pinterest to research or make purchases?  This infographic is the result of a survey by Pinterest of […]

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How to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram for Business Before we look at how to use Instagram for your business, let’s take a step back.  First of all, you need to think about whether it’s the right platform for your business.  Is your target market there?  Will it help to achieve a social media goal, i.e. brand awareness?  Before making any […]

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